Deep Graph Library

Easy Deep Learning on Graphs

Framework Agnostic

Build your models with PyTorch, TensorFlow or MXNet.


High Performant

DGL adopts advanced optimization techniques like kernel fusion, multi-thread and multi-process acceleration, and automatic sparse format tuning. Compared with other popular GNN frameworks such as PyTorch Geometric, DGL is both faster and more memory-friendly.


Ecosystem of Domain specific toolkits

DGL supports a variety of domains. DGL-KE is an easy-to-use and highly scalable package for learning large-scale knowledge graph embeddings. DGL-LifeSci is a specialized package for applications in bioinformatics and cheminformatics powered by graph neural networks.

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Deep learning on graphs is very new direction. We use blogs to introduce new ideas and researches of this area and explains how DGL can support them very easily.

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