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v0.5.3 Patch Update

This is a patch release mainly for supporting CUDA 11.0. Now DGL supports CUDA 11.0 and PyTorch 1.7 on Linux/Windows/Mac.

Other fixes include:

  • Performance fix of graph batching. Affect the dgl.batch API.
  • Speedup on graph readout. Affect all APIs under dgl.readout.
  • Speedup in CPU SpMM with sum reducer.
  • Performance optimization that removes redundant copies between CPU and GPU.
  • Fix segment_reduce() ignoring tailing 0 segments.
  • Fix a crash bug due to unfound attribute.
  • Performance optimization in COO-CSR conversion.
  • Parallelization in heterogeneous graph format conversion.
  • Fix a bug to enable distributed training of RGCN with CPU.
  • Numerous documentation fixes.

New examples:

  • Sparse embedding for GATNE-T for large graphs.
  • LINE.
  • SIGN for OGB.

The Chinese user guide has been released for chapter 1 to 4. Further chapters will be released soon.

Full release note: